A game with an ecological handprint

About Consumio

The game with positive impact…

Discover, understand and playfully implement new actions, facts and recipes.

play with friends, colleagues and family to develop a sustainable effect

exchange your own ideas and develop them further in the Consumio network

…have fun changing the world!

Consumio Team

We are an interdisciplinary team with a common vision for our earth. With the network game Consumio, we want to simplify sustainable living and make education for sustainable development playful.

Shani Alaloof

José Alfredo Alfaro Benitez

Johannes Vollbehr

Sanjeet Raj Pandey

Laurenz Blömer

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Sustainable consumption is a global community challenge.

Discover more sustainability projects here.

For climate change, collective action is the key. The Consumio network connects sustainable projects

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From the summer semester 2021, students can take the project workshop „Sustainable Handprints“ and thus contribute to environmental protection. Join us in shaping a sustainable future!

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